I blogged on slowing down to Child’s Speed for Dave Cornthwaite’s Say Yes More Blog. You can read the original here. As a parent of two little children with BIG minds, it can be difficult to remember that adventures and explorations need to happen at the speed of our children and that while you may have […]


30 Days Wild

For the month of June the Wildlife Trusts were holding a ’30 Days Wild’ campaign to get people to do at least one wild thing every day to (re-)connect with nature. We’re generally pretty wild and outdoorsy, but we tried to note our outdoor adventures throughout 30 Days Wild. We didn’t manage to keep a […]

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sunrise over the alps

Jo decided to treat us to a night in one of the mountain refuges near la Plagne, so we headed off to the Refuge de Mont Jovet (2348m) just below the summit of Mont Jovet. We crossed up through the high meadows (alpages) where alpine cows were grazing, producing milk for the local cheese co-operative […]

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