I blogged on slowing down to Child’s Speed for Dave Cornthwaite’s Say Yes More Blog. You can read the original here. As a parent of two little children with BIG minds, it can be difficult to remember that adventures and explorations need to happen at the speed of our children and that while you may have […]


Being Authentic and Saying Yes

In 2017 I decided it was time to start living more authentically. I didn’t have a plan about how to do this, but knew I needed to change things. If you always do what you’ve always done, you will always get what you’ve always got I began by writing a piece that expressed some of […]

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Friends Lost and Found

I have been reading a few books lately around the topic of change and happiness and not only has it been very inspirational, enlightening, but it has also proved very practical in that I now have two pages of notes for action. I used these books to help me reflect and appraise all aspects of […]

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2017 Manifesto

The Light only comes after the Dark One thing I’ve learned from writing and from opening up about my ‘stuff’, is that a bleak, darkness usually precedes the light. The darkness is often required before we can see the light. It’s an old cliche, but it certainly rings true from my experience. After writing my recent […]

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Under the Weight of Living

I’m struggling to be me. Struggling to find the time, energy and opportunity to be me.   To be me is to strive. To strive towards goals. To achieve. But just now I’m lacking clear goals and, if I had the chance to create those clear goals, I’m lacking the ability to achieve them.   […]

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30 Days Wild

For the month of June the Wildlife Trusts were holding a ’30 Days Wild’ campaign to get people to do at least one wild thing every day to (re-)connect with nature. We’re generally pretty wild and outdoorsy, but we tried to note our outdoor adventures throughout 30 Days Wild. We didn’t manage to keep a […]

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