about me

Team Trail Fest at Salomon Glen Coe Skyline

Since I took up trailrunning in 2009 and met @GoUltraJo I’ve been inspired to get out there and make things happen. I’ve learned to ditch my entrenched thinking of giving in to fear and doubt and lack of confidence. Through trailrunning I’ve found the strength to tackle my biggest flaws and fears head-on.

But it’s a battle. Every day is a fight to try and defeat three decades of conditioning of mind and body which screams “You can’t”. So, every day I strive to be Man in the Arena. Some days I boss it, other days I fall short.

As a writer and a marketer, this is where I seek the catharsis that can’t be found on the trails. This is where I articulate the tangled thoughts that get turned over in mind while following beautiful single track trails through the forests. This is where I explore the issues which affect me. This is where I show that men can be more open with the world about who they are and what they struggle with.  That in doing so, create strength, not weakness. Too many good people have been lost because they found no outlet and no audience.

I accept writing commissions on trailrunning (routes, races, adventures, tips), the power of trailrunning and positivity to create transformational life journeys, and male mental health. Contact me: ryanjohnscott@gmail.com