A few weeks ago I got The Snip. If you don’t know what I mean, a quick Google will soon inform you.

The timing was good and the timing was bad. It came 2 days after I ran – or rather dragged myself round – the Scafell Skyrace (SSR), so I was already limping – the DOMs hit me hard post-SSR and so no matter what was going on, I was struggling to move.

I’d already put off getting it done 6 months ago after reading too many scare stories and my squeamishness took over my brain, but eventually I decided I had to go through with it.

A fire alarm 15mins before my appointment delayed proceedings by a good 30mins, but it at least distracted my thoughts as all of the hospital staff and patients were gathered outside soaking up the sunshine.

Once I’d been called through and we were to get underway, I attempted to read my book during the procedure. I managed to read not a single word. I did, however, talk at the nurse for the duration. I mainly talked about running and when I’d exhausted my tales of SSR I then started talking in great detail about Kilian and his dislocated Hardrock 100 feat! I have to feel sorry for her, given she had no interest in running! The few occasions I ran out of something to say I ordered her to talk to me or tell me something – anything to keep me distracted form what was going on!

Feeling pale and light headed, I hobbled into reception to meet Jo where she escorted me into the car before I needed a cup of sugary tea instantly as I feared I was about to faint in the car!

Thankfully the Tour de France was on, so I spent the week lying on the sofa watching le Tour – magic! I embraced this opportunity, albeit uncomfortably and painfully, to eat biscuits and drink tea while I recuperated, regained control over my nausea and let my post-SSR leg muscles gradually began to stop hurting (only 4 days later!).

Unable to run for a) pain and b) squeamish fear of making things worse, I have spent 5 weeks not doing any exercise. This has been quite annoying given I’d been hitting the gym in my lunchtimes for specific training (the ‘endless staircase’ had become my friend) in preparation for Ring of Steall Skyrace (RoS) in September.

Sadly, not only do I now feel entirely out of shape, both physically and mentally, but I went on the scales recently and was alarmed at how much ‘damage’ one can do from eating biscuits over such a short period of time! RoS no longer seems like a chance to try and outperform last year’s effort, but a mammoth task of getting my (heavier) self up and over 4 Munros before they dismantle the finish line! I can’t say I’m relishing the prospect at all…

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