2017 Manifesto

The Light only comes after the Dark

One thing I’ve learned from writing and from opening up about my ‘stuff’, is that a bleak, darkness usually precedes the light. The darkness is often required before we can see the light. It’s an old cliche, but it certainly rings true from my experience. After writing my recent ‘cry for help‘, it helped release a blockage of frustration which has now enabled me to collect my thoughts and bring some clarity and priority to them.

I feel I am now able to think about 2017 with some outline of a plan and I could not have done that without giving an outlet to the spaghetti that was mincing my brain. So I came up with my ‘ABC – 123 Plan’.

Running breads confidenceThe ABC – 123 Plan

In an attempt to create some clarity and equanimity I’ve developed an ABC – 123 approach for my 2017 Manifesto.

Category A items are the Big Tickets. The ones that I must focus on and make happen – no excuses.

Cat B are items which are really important to me and need my attention for my sanity, yet I might just get by without working on them for a wee while. I might just be allowed to let these slip without beating myself up too much.

Cat C are the things that I’d love to be working on for future plans, directions and aspirations. But right now I have so much going on that these can take a back seat and be revisited in a year or so.


  1. TrailFest (details are confidential)
  2. House & Garden
  3. Writing: blogging and article writing


  1. Fitness:
    • core
    • legs
    • running
  2. French: the dream of returning to live in the Alps won’t happen without this
  3. Writing: creative writing and writing those stories I make up for the kids


  1. Fitness:
    • swimming
    • arms
    • yoga
  2. Professional training
  3. NLP/mindfulness training

If you’re wondering where my amazing family fits in? Well, they are so above being put beside a number or a bullet point that they don’t even need prioritising! They sit squarely atop any list. Period.

Family fun in our Gruffalo den
Family fun in our Gruffalo den

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