30 Days Wild

For the month of June the Wildlife Trusts were holding a ’30 Days Wild’ campaign to get people to do at least one wild thing every day to (re-)connect with nature.

We’re generally pretty wild and outdoorsy, but we tried to note our outdoor adventures throughout 30 Days Wild. We didn’t manage to keep a full record (life with two kids is a busy affair!), but we did pretty well and a fair number of the things on our list were repeated.

Of the 30 Days we did the following (in no particular order):

  1. Dedicated one third of the garden as the ‘Wild Side’20160514_103758
  2. Found newts and rolled up earthworms in the garden20150605_152613
  3. We supported Jo doing her first aquathlon in an abandoned quarry20160611_120152
  4. We made a ‘Gruffalo Den’ in the garden under a large, weeping cotoneaster tree20160502_152000
  5. We decorated our ‘Gruffalo Den’ in the garden with buntingFamily fun in our Gruffalo den
  6. Mowed a path through the long grass in the ‘Wild Side’ of the garden20160605_132151
  7. Found more newts while re-shaping one of the garden borders011
  8. Made a newt pond from an old basin and sunk it into the border ensuring we placed stones to create a ‘newt ladder’20160514_190228Newt pond
  9. Made a herb garden from used water bottlesFerdinand's bottle garden
  10. Did a kettlebell workout in the garden among the rampant midgies
  11. Went home from work/nursery via the woods and play park for some pre-bedtime adventure in woodland dens20160614_185524
  12.  Watched in awe at the bird feeders in our garden – our best ever day at our bird feeders: greater spotted woodpecker, siskins, goldfinches, greenfinches, jackdaws, wood pigeons, sparrows, dunnocks, coal tits and great tits.20160615_074138
  13. I did my first ever 3km swim in Loch LomondFinishing a 3km swim in Loch Lomond
  14. Went for a family adventure round Loch Ardinning20160619_093942
  15. Joined the Scottish Wildlife Trust, the Woodland Trust and the John Muir Trust (equivalent to giving up one and a bit lattes per week)20160625_111609
  16.  Took photos of otter prints in the mud at Mugdock Country Park20160619_130245
  17. Took a photo of a wild garden in the centre of GlasgowIMG_-r76pqb
  18. We looked at the fungi growing in our lawn20160702_104001
  19. Jo and I went canoeing and cliff jumping in Loch Ard20160626_163616
  20. We looked for beasties in our newt pond20160702_104024
  21. We had our tea in the garden008
  22. We went open water swimming at Bardowie LochIMG_-i825sl
  23. We went for our first ‘date’ since the birth of Rosa – a run up Dumgoyne. True love.022
  24. I put a constant reminder on my wallet30 Days Wild on my wallet
  25. 30 Days Wild was never just a 30-day affair. Our love of nature and the outdoors is a major part of our lifestyle and we remain committed to raising our children to love, respect and enjoy the great outdoors.

30 Days Wild = A Lifetime Wild


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