Organising a trailrunning festival

Chalked croppedDespite getting out for a fast loop followed by hill reps this morning (I’m still wearing my recovery socks with my shorts, much to the delight/horror of the Postie when she came), I’ve not managed to find much time to get out running this week. This is partly to do with juggling different jobs and daddy day care duties, but also because I’m getting very busy organising Glasgow Trailrunning Festival.

Probably not the smartest move to try and set up a brand new event on no budget right now, given that our toddler is rampaging around having a great time and our house is in a dire state as we await planning permissions to transform it, but equally, when is the ideal time for such things? If I’d waited then surely another reason not to do it would come along.

I’m actually finding it a great source of inspiration, despite it tasking up much of my time and filling my head 24/7. The ideas and thoughts fill me with energy and I’ve become bolder in reaching out to people. Suddenly, people are starting to think that this might just be a great event. I really hope so because the plans for future events are already there in my head, but first I need to make sure the event on 26th Sept is a cracker. Only then can I turn my thoughts to 2016.

So if you’re in Scotland on 26 Sept, I strongly recommend you come along to the pop-up event. It’s only on for one day and that day might just be the most inspiring day of trailrunning you’ve had to date!



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