Open Water Swimming (Haute Savoie)

After a few trips to Bardowie Loch for some open water swim sessions, I was delighted to be back in the Alps for some proper outdoor swimming.

Lac de Passy near Chamonix was a perfect spot for family swimming and paddling, as well as digging in the beach! The views to the Mont Blanc Massif were stunning and made for a prefect backdrop for post-Marathon relaxation (thanks to Charley Radcliffe for the tip).

Lac de Passy at dusk

Later in the week we made it to the most amazing place on the planet; Lac d’Annecy. Swimming in the cleanest lake in Europe is truly amazing. The colour and transparency of the water, the amphitheatre created by the surrounding contours and then the ambiance of the plage create something very special. I can’t get enough of it.

I was lucky enough to get dips during the day as well as in the dusk. Swimming in the dusk as the air and water slowly cools is an amazing experience.



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