Open Water Swimming (Scotland)

We recently started attending open water swimming sessions at Bardowie Loch, hosted by Vigour Events. We first attended back in January and we mightily unprepared for what was to follow.

We arrived with no more gear other than our swimming trunks/costumes. Thankfully we were able to hire a wetsuit, but we were without any under-layers, shoes, or gloves. This was to prove important when we entered the water, which had a seasonal temperature of 5.8C!! 

Open water swimming at Bardowie Loch

The fabulous Robert, who owns Vigour Events, had told us not to expect too much ion our first go and that if we made it halfway to the first buoy we’d be doing great. Pah! I thought. I can swim further that that!

What followed was a mere 3 minutes in the water before we scrambled as fast as we could back to the showers! I hadn’t expected the cold to be so biting and penetrative so quickly! We barely managed any strokes, nevernmind get halfway to the first buoy!

What surprised us most of all, however (apart form the hardcore bunch of swimmers doing laps) was how much we enjoyed it!

We’ve been back most Sundays since then and after purchasing neoprene shoes and gloves are able to enjoy staying in the water for a reasonable amount of time.

My swimming is awful, but it’s still great fun and I’m looking forward to lining up coached sessions to improve my technique.

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