trail running magazine photo shoot

Loch Katrine from the summit of Ben A’an

I was lucky enough to be asked along to a photo shoot for Trail Running Magazine last week in The Trossachs.

Three of us plus a brilliant photographer spent the afternoon in the hills and woods around Brig o’ Turk. A few shot in the woods was followed by a tough climb up Ben A’an. On the summit I think the photographer fancied creating an incident given the number of times he had us running back and forward on the knife edge of the summit rocks. Thankfully we escaped unscathed.

Me catching my breath!

Rewarded with great weather and stunning views above Loch Katrine, we then went ‘off-piste’ over, and in, the heather and peat bog. It was here that I realised the extent of a) how unfit I’d become and b) what a machine Gary (the organiser) is! I’m still in amazement at hos someone moves across such rough ground so quickly and effortlessly.

After a getting into a muddle in the woods, we finally emerged covered in mud to be met by our man with the camera. A few more lochside shots were followed by tea and cake in the Brig o’ Turk Tearoom. Ah, reward. What a great day. I’m looking forward to seeing it in print.