le tour de france

There was a whole lot of More Living, Less Ironing going on at this year’s dramatic Tour de France.

1.5km from the finish line in Alpe d'Huez

The night before the peleton came up to Alpe d’Huez for the stage finish on the last mountain climb of this year’s Tour, Jo and I joined the masses in painting on the road. It was quite liberating to be standing in the middle of the road and have cars weave round us simply because we had a paintbrush in our hands. In among all the slogans bearing the names of riders or the brands of the major team, we were there proclaiming to the masses via our tarmac canvas: Live More, Iron Less!

Like Ronseal, it does what it says on the tin: More Living Less Ironing

Quite a crowd gathered round us, intrigued by what we were writing. Given the lack of interested bystanders at any other ‘painting party’, there was clearly more intrigue in the ethos behind More Living Less Ironing than there wass behind slogans such as “Go Cadel” or “Contador”. Perhaps these people craved to live out a More Living Less Ironing approach to life?

Brenda and crowd

We got chatting with a woman called Brenda who is originally from England. She evenmanaged to give us a brief lesson on how, after a lifetime teaching, French kids cannot say the word iron like we can! Random,bizarre and fascinating. Happy retirement Brenda. I hope you Live More and Iron Less in your new-found freedom.

Cadel Evans, the overall winner, and fellow riders come shooting past

As le Tour came rolling by the next day we hoped our message would be seen by many, including the riders. Perhaps this is the beginning of a critial mass of people Living More and Ironing Less…?

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