wild swimming

Lido at Talloires, Lake Annecy

With the beautiful weather we’ve been having here in Savoie in France we’ve been making the most of the opportunities for wild swimming. The scenery has been to stunning and the water far too inviting for us to keep out of it.

We were swimming in Lake Annecy at the weekend, firstly near the city itself, then at a small, popular lido on the eastern side of the lake at a town called Talloires.

The water was pretty cold, there’s no getting away from it, but it was so clear and inviting. After sucking up the breath and grinning with grim determination, we both made it in. It was f-f-freezing, but after a few minutes our  bodies were tingling – a sure sign we were adapting to the cold water.

Daniel Craig?
Swimming under the shadow of Les Arcs

Once we got swimming we soon acclimatised and it was lovely. Swimming out in the open surrounded by tree-covered hillsides and snowy mountain peaks is something special. It is surprising, however, the extent to which the cold water saps your strength; I’ve slept like a log each night after wild swimming.

I’ve always been a bit tentative when it comes to swimming in cold water. What I discovered, though, was just how thrilling it is despite, and because of, the cold water.

So, more wild swimming please!

5 thoughts on “wild swimming

  1. Ils sont dans une autre dimension, c’est inrepssiomant les vitesses qu’ils arrivent e0 tenir sur de telles distances. Beau de9but d’anne9e pour les nageurs francais en tout cas


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